Saturday, 7 March 2015

L'Oreal Studio Line Hot & Go Fast Blow-Dry

Another new product that I have been trying/using and absolutely loving is the L'Oreal Studio Line Hot & Go Fast Blow-Dry which is formulated to give heat protection but to also speed up the process of blow drying your hair i.e to give as they say a 'Fast Blow-Dry'. Now when they say fast it's not a case of spraying this on and your hair will be dried within a minute but I do feel the blow drying of my hair is certainly faster when I've used this product than when I haven't.

It's stated that it's 'a primer spray', now personally I still feel that I need to use another product with this in order to make sure that my hair styles the way I want it to. The product certainly does have heat protection qualities however and because of the time that this has reduced the blow drying of my hair it also has meant that my hair isn't experiencing as much heat damage as it previously was. I blow dry, straighten and curl my hair and not necessarily all three on the same day but I am using heat on my hair every single day, so anything that limits damage or the amount of time heat is being blasted on my hair is going to be a winner for me. 

The spray itself is just like any other heat protecting spray - it doesn't leave your hair feeling scrunchy or heavy or like you have loads of product in it at all, you simply spray and then blow dry. Now I've tried out a few other products that claim to cut blow drying time which I am planning to write about in the future but I feel as though out of the ones I've tried this is so far the best one for me. It might not be for everyone as after all we all have different hair types but I definitely feel the blow drying of my hair has been reduced by the use of this so I would definitely recommend it to anyone to give it a try!

It's available from Superdrug currently priced at £3.79.


Friday, 6 March 2015

Rimmel Lasting Finish Powder Foundation

Hello Everybody - it's been a long while! I have all the usual excuses - work, life, generally being the most un-organised mess in the world - but I've probably said them all before so I won't go into all that now. Anyway I just felt like I needed to sit and write this post about my current favourite product - Rimmel Lasting Finish Powder Foundation which is available from Boots for £6.99.

Bad lighting and camera - sorry!
Now for most people I don't think they'll see this or like this as a foundation as such, it is more of a powder I feel a lot of people will prefer to use alongside the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation however I don't tend to use foundation that often so for me this product is great alternative. It works as a great as a base whereby I can quickly apply with my Real Techniques Powder Brush in the morning, put on my concealer and blusher and I'm good to go. 

The product is very buildable - you can for instance just do the one layer of powder for just a subtle fix of colour or build it up gradually depending on the look that you are going for on that particular day. I have been using this on a daily basis mainly because it is so quick and easy but also I tend to feel conscious of wearing liquid foundation in the day but where this a powder I don't have the same issues with it. Plus the shade 002 Soft Beige is actually a pretty good match for my skin. 

Now there are a lot of mixed reviews on this product with the majority saying it's just a powder and not a foundation which is fair enough, everyone has different opinions on what works for them. I do really like this product and would go as far as saying this is my favourite Rimmel product yet but I would recommend using a primer with this just to prep your face for a smoother finish.

So if you've tried it then let me know or if you've tried any other powder foundations then also let me know and I am going to going to hopefully do a few more posts this month and get back into writing.


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Empties 2015 #1

There has been a complete lack of organisation in my life for the last couple of months in near enough every aspect of my life - blogging being one of them. I literally have had so many different posts written on my to do list to obviously do but still haven't done them. So I am sitting down now determined to finally kick start my 2015 blog posts even though next week will be February with an empties post. 

I am someone that rarely uses a whole product up before I pass on to my mum or my sister however one of my New Year's Resolutions is to try and finish products more so I have a few empties from the last couple of months so I thought just to get back into the swing of it I'd start with them! Some have been I've mentioned previously on here as favourites but most are just general empties!

(P.S I apologise for the terrible picture quality - I need to find a good place in my flat to take photos with decent lighting as of yet one hasn't been found!)


First up is Nivea Sensitive 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water which was in my August Favourites Post so everything you need to know about it is there. But I would say having tried a few micellar waters this is probably my current favourite one - I am currently using the Garnier one but I don't find it as good as this one that's for sure. 

Second skincare product is my trusted Skin Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion from Boots which I really find is great for my skin. I did stop using it for a while and I noticed the difference with my skin - this just keeps it under control. However as I said in a previous post this does have quite a strong smell so that can take some getting used to otherwise it's great and I already have 2 other bottles stocked up as well as the one I'm currently using. 


I always buy gift sets in the January sales and they always come with what I see as 'pointless extras' as in that I never really use the body lotion or the shower gel but as I'm on a mission to use up and finish products I've been going through  the shower gels I've accumulated. So Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne and Marc Jacobs Oh Lola! are 2 that I've used up and as lovely as they smell they are just like any other shower gel it just happens they are scented like the perfumes. I don't really think in my opinion they are anything special, I personally would never go out and buy the shower gels as I feel they are a waste of money but they are a nice little luxury extra now I feel instead of pointless.

On the other hand Radox Eastern Spirit is the most amazing smelling shower gel I've ever come across. It's a mix of 'oriental lotus flower & orange blossom' & it seems lately like anything that smells like oranges I'm really liking and this is highly recommended!

So now continuing with Bath/Shower products I have two body scrubs - the NSPA Patchouli and Ylang Ylang was mentioned in my August Favourites Post so you can read about it there. I haven't actually come across it in an Asda since but when I do I will be repurchasing. The second body scrub is Dirty Works Glow Girl! Buttery Salt Scrub from Sainsbury's and this is possibly the worst body scrub I've come across - the smell, the texture, the results - just all of it are terrible! It did nothing for my skin at all in that I didn't feel like it made a bit of difference as well as the texture being just too harsh for my skin and the smell is so bizarre! Not one that I would recommend at all.


My final empties are OGX Renwing Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner in travel sizes. I bought these when they were on offer for a £1 each back in the summer and I really liked both of these. My hair did feel a lot nicer after using these and had a healthy shine to it and even though these were travel sizes these lasted a good while which was good. I will be at some point repurchasing but I have so many other shampoos I'm currently using/trying out but I did like these and definitely want to try more from the brand in the future.

So just a few empties there! Now I need to just keep up using all my products to the end!


Monday, 17 November 2014

My Hunt For The Perfect Black Boot

10 Pairs of Black Boots

I used to hate black boots and no joke every single pair of boots I used to own at one point was brown - mainly because my mum loves the colour brown so I guess I just followed her lead. However in the past few years I've started to like black boots and have owned a couple of pairs but I'm looking for the 'Perfect Black Boot' this winter. 

I want a pair that I can literally wear with anything and everything over the winter months. So here are 10 pairs that are in the potential running to maybe be 'my perfect pair' and at least one pair will no doubt get a purchase knowing me!


Sunday, 16 November 2014


YSL Paris is one scent that I always associate with my mum and every time I go into a perfume shop/section and I see a bottle of Paris I always remember seeing it on my mum's dressing table when I was younger. So when I saw that YSL had bought out a new limited edition to celebrate it's 30th birthday I was intrigued and then I saw the design of the packaging and that was it I was sold. Thankfully after testing it out I loved the scent as well. (A note to myself that the design of the packaging and bottles should be looked at after smelling the scent).

Premieres Roses is very much like the original scent but just a bit fresher and lighter with the bases notes of this fragrance being white musk, sandalwood & roses. This is a scent that can definitely been worn all year round as well as day and night.

I absolutely love it and if you know anyone who likes the original or even someone that just generally likes fresh scents then this would be a great Christmas present!

Currently available at: - £22.50 and - £17.75 for 125ml.


Saturday, 15 November 2014

My New Dry Shampoo Favourites

So wow we're in November already and I have to honestly say I have absolutely no idea where on earth the last month has gone - is it me or is this year just going super super quick? I mean we're on the countdown to Christmas already - well I should say I am anyway. The John Lewis advert certainly got me in the mood & I'm actually excited to see the Coca Cola advert - that's when I know Christmas is officially on it's way for me. 

But enough of all that I've recently been getting quite lazy with my hair and trying to prolong my washes as I feel after 2 days my hair doesn't really need a wash but then bang in the morning it looks so limp and in need of a wash just when I have no time. My saving grace has been dry shampoos of which I've discovered a new found love for not something that I thought I really would if I'm totally honest.

When Batiste first came on the market I was all over it just because it was the new 'it' product but I never really fell in love with it as for some reason it never really had the desired effect on my hair and that's from trying out various versions. However recently I've been discovering some great dry shampoos and there are 3 in particular that I have been loving and hence reaching for on a daily basis. I've also found that these dry shampoos also give my hair a good amount of volume when used. 

Left To Right: Colab Paris. Garnier Ultimate Blends. Urban Fudge Crisp Pear & Sweet Vanilla.

1- Colab Dry Shampoo Paris - So the latest Youtuber collaboration and this time with Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends and I have to say by far in my opinion best collaboration/range yet! I love this dry shampoo so much to the point that it is the best dry shampoo that I have used & allows my hair to actually go that extra day without the wash. 
It also revitalises my hair after it's been washed - I hate that just washed feeling and I usually spray a bit of this in it just to get rid of the un-flat/too clean feeling I feel. Plus the smell is amazing and I've yet to actually witness any residue left over which is another bonus!

There are 5 in the range (Paris, London, New York, Tokyo & Rio) all available from Superdrug in both 200ml (£2.99) and in the smaller travel sized 50ml (£1.99) version.

Also available from

2- Garnier Ultimate Blends - This is 'The Silky 7-in1 dry shampoo'. Garnier has big claims for this product with it claiming to do the following 7 things -

- Instantly cleanses 
- Absorbs grease at the roots
- Lightweight feel
- Hair feels supple to the touch
- Hair easy to detangle
- Blissful fragrance
- Leaves no visible residue.

Now it's big claims but I believe from my use of this product that it does exactly all of this. The smell is the one of the most refreshing smells of a dry shampoo I've come across and I have definitely never had any visible residue. 

This is slightly more expensive at £3.99 but for the smell alone it's certainly worth it in my opinion. Available from Superdrug and Boots with Boots also stocking the Garnier Ultimate Blends Revitalising Dry Shampoo which I haven't yet tried but if you have then let me know!

3- Urban Fudge Crisp Pear & Sweet Vanilla Dry Shampoo. So at £5.99 this one is the most expensive of the 3 but you are always able to get this on offer as currently it's £2.98 in Superdrug and £3.99 in Boots so if you can get it on offer it's a bit of a bargain. 

Although it's not my favourite out of the 3 it's still in my opinion a great dry shampoo that really does get rid of grease however for me the only problem with it is that it tends to leave my hair a bit fluffy which I know sounds very strange but that's honestly my only issue. Apart from that it has a fab scent and it has only ever left the tiniest bit of residue!

All three of these are really great dry shampoos and great alternatives to the classic Batiste if like me you've never felt the love, never got on with it or simply just looking for some other dry shampoos. There are some great ones on the market at the moment that are definitely worth a try!


Thursday, 2 October 2014

& More New Brush Sets

So Monday I did a blog post about my new So Eco Face Brush Set and today I have two more brush sets that I bought before the So Eco set but haven't for some reason or another got round to doing the post! 

So the two sets I had were the Real Techniques Sam's Picks Collection  and a set of three brushes from a brand called Beauty Muse Pro which are very much in my opinion Real Techniques dupes. 

I apologise for the terrible quality of this picture.

The Real Techniques Sam's Picks Collection I got a few weeks ago when had their big sale on and then an extra 10% off so this set which usually retails for around £29.99 ended up costing me around £17-£18 which I thought was a brilliant deal. In the set you get 6 brushes which include the essential crease brush exclusive and the multi-task brush which is mainly the reason I wanted this set.

L - R: Multi Task Brush. Setting Brush. Buffing Brush. Pointed Foundation Brush. Essential Crease Brush. Fine Liner Brush.
This set I feel at full price is brilliant value considering the prices of most Real Techniques single brushes are around £10 alone. You can still get this on but it currently is back to the price of £29.99 however the set is available at for £26.99 is anyone interested in this set and I would highly recommend. 

Now the next set I purchased was on one of my many trips to TK MAXX and this was the Beauty Muse Pro set of three brushes for the brilliant price of £5.99. 

L - R: Buffing Brush. Foundation Brush. Detail Brush.

These brushes are very much a dupe of Real techniques brushes it has to be said however for the price I thought I'd pick them up and see what they're like. As of yet I haven't actually used them but once I have I will certainly let you know how I feel about them! I know that I'll be using the foundation brush as a blush brush instead of a foundation brush - just feel more suited for blush!

Definitely feeling like I have a bit of an addiction to make up brushes!